Common Q&A

Are there showers or bathrooms?


Yes, there is a community shower available at the main camp for $5.
Shower times: 8:00am – 10am, 12:00 noon – 2:00pm, 4:00pm – 7:00pm


Yes, there are numerous clean port-a-potties throughout the site.

Running Water:

There is no drinkable-water source at Rendezvous, so be sure to purchase several jugs/gallons of water. Free potable water is available at the Lincoln Monument rest stop, eight miles away. You will have to provide your own jug or containers.

Can I dump my RV at Rendezvous?

Please DO NOT dump your RV in the port-a-potties.  If you need to dump your RV, please let us know at the registration tent.  When the port-a-potties are cleaned Friday morning, the vacuum truck can come to your campsite and dump your RV.  The fee is $40 and is payable to the individuals doing the dumping.

Closest dump station?

Laramie, WY – Wyoming Territorial Prison Historic Site
Wyoming Territorial Prison Historic Site location map
• Latitude: 41.311
• Longitude: -105.608
• Open late May through mid September
• water is available
Donation requested; $10.00 minimum

Cheyenne, WY – Rest Area – Cheyenne Welcome Center, Southbound
• spacious, easy to dump station with rinsing water, large garbage at RV dump also available for travelers, excellent information & maps available at visitors centre
Rest Area – Cheyenne Welcome Center, Southbound location map
• Latitude: 41.057
• Longitude: -104.88
• potable water available; tap at lower level near Visitors Centre
• dump station is big rig friendly

Do straight people attend?
Straight friends and allies attend every year. The event is open to the general public and we have a non-discrimination policy. Everyone from everywhere is welcome to attend.
Will I have cell phone service?
Cell phone service is spotty in the area. If you need to make a call, most campers make a trip to higher ground to get a good cell signal.
What type of weather can I expect?
Camp is at 8,000 ft and the temperatures at night can get down in the 30’s. Daytime temps can get into the 90’s. Average temperatures are in the mid 70’s and makes for a pleasant camping experience.  But be prepared for both warm and cold temperatures. Thunderstorms in the afternoon are common this time of year. Wind is ever present in Wyoming. So setting up a tent in an open area isn’t advisable, unless you have larger than normal tent spikes to hold everything down. Click Here  for The National Weather Service forecast for Rendezvous.
How rough are the dirt road? Will my car or RV make it?
Once you leave Happy Jack Road (WY-210) you will be on dirt roads. The larger dirt roads in the area are very well maintained. It gets a little bit tricky once you turn onto Forest Road 701c. This last eight-tenths of a mile is the roughest because it’s a single track dirt road. If you take your time and cross the rougher areas at an angle you will be fine. We have everything from a Ford Focus to Class A motor homes at the event.
What should I pack?

If you think you might need it, you should probably bring it! Basic items should include: tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, sheets, blankets, clothing, swimming suit, towels, food and drinks (including libations), cookware and utensils, pots and pans, coolers stocked with ice, paper towels, flash light, suntan lotion, bug spray, candles and a chair to sit on around the fire. If you don’t want to pack & cook your own food,  you can purchase food from the food truck vendor (meal times & menu).  These are just a few suggestions, and the rest is entirely up to you!

What if I need ice?

We have ice available for purchase at the main camp for $5 per bag.

 Do you have a pet policy?

ALL PETS must be on a leash, in your arms, or under strict control at all times anywhere in the forest area.

Animals are not permitted in the main camp entertainment center/dining area.

If you bring horses, PLEASE set up your camp in the area(s) designated on the map and keep them secured at your camp.

Please keep your dog from barking continuously throughout the day, and especially at night. Please clean up after your pets immediately.

What if I need medical attention?
We will have a minimum of one person at the event who is trained in emergency first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. He or she will have a basic first aid kit sufficient to meet the needs of any likely injuries. Our goal is to provided a safe environment for all at Rendezvous.
Are there a limited number of camping spots?
No, this camping event is in the national forest. So, sites are unimproved, but unlimited space is available for campers. You can find numerous areas with fire rings; people usually set up their camps next to those.
The campsite is divided into quite areas and party zones. So please choose accordingly. We usually have between 400 and 550 campers every year
Arrival and Check-In

If this is your first time camping at Rendezvous, we highly recommend that you arrive during the day. Unless you know the lay of the land, you might have a difficult time finding a place to setup at night.

Please check in at Camp Central. All attendees will be given a wristband to indicate they have paid for admission. If registration wasn’t completed online, you can still pay for attendance at the event. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.