Vendor Info

  • Each vendor space is limited to an area large enough to accommodate a 10×10 booth, UNLESS additional space has been reserved IN ADVANCE (for an additional charge).
  • Placement of vendors in the designated vendor area is at the sole discretion of Wyoming Equality’s Rendezvous.
  • Vendors are responsible for constructing, furnishing, maintaining, and removing their booth materials, leftovers and trash.
  • Vendor booths should have an attractive, professional well-maintained appearance.
  • This is an open-air venue and tents will be required. The Festival does not furnish tents; also they may need to be staked down in the event of wind.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping their area free of trash.
  • Food vendors must maintain a healthy atmosphere with all trash/garbage secure and removed from vending site at regular intervals.
  • All vendors must provide their own fire extinguisher and tie downs for any propane tanks. Any generators must also be grounded per forest service regulations.
Vendors will be allowed to bring their vehicle and trailer onto the grounds near the vendor area for check-in, set-up and tear down. However Vendors will be required to park their vehicles in designated vendor parking during the duration of the event.
* Please be sure to be prepared for any type of weather, particularly wind and afternoon thunderstorms.*